The world of decoration or décor brings a world of fancy and fantasy around us. Simple themed birthday parties or gifts or simple bow to ribbon tied to a gift or candle or just a showpiece or anything that comes to our mind and under the radar comes under decoration. In layman’s language, decoration is the art of seasoning to even our most simple dal-chaval, khichdi which becomes appealing to the eyes.
Decoration is a concept which pleases the eye more. In simple language, marketing funda like selling a refrigerator to an Eskimo. Many times, we go to the shop and buy things purely on the face value of the item and the concept of use later takes the better of us.
Well today, decoration is the mantra of food, jeweler, clothes, furniture or anything and everything. A simple rustic look having frills which can add charm.
When it comes to our abodes sometimes due to the space crunch, the decoration concept comes to our rescue because of mirror or anything which add to decoration. Using the concept of decoration, utility too is interwoven and likewise luxury and needs the hunger for both are given rest.
When I talk about decoration, I remember the adage ‘Never Judge A Book By it’s Cover’ but the irony is that it is bound to happen and ‘jo dikhta hai wohi bikta hai.’
Decoration involves flooring from walls to ceilings and the list is endless. Even further, lights and other accessories add to the flare of decoration, even simple taps have garnered fancy and frill in the bid to look decorative. The market has a huge variety from old poor and modest door handles to the majestic ones. Drawers and cabinets have taken a vast turn and just don’t suffice our utility aspects but thirst and stop for décor. The humble door mat has gained a fantastic look and so has the garland of the marigold flowers which adorn the entrances of our home. Marketing has added comfort factors by getting luxury at our doors.

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